The fact that mobile devices are gaining popularity in an exponential manner is a given. With the explosion in smart-device use, mobile search is fast claiming a significant amount of search traffic: conservative predictions have mobile search claiming 16% of traffic by the end of 2012, with more aggressive speculation pushing it to around 22%.

In this new model, it is of vital importance to any business that their website be optimized for mobile display. Google is taking an interesting initiative to help make this happen. Their new GoMo service is a powerful online resource where users can test out a website’s mobile-friendliness and subsequently learn how to optimize it. GoMo’s main features include:

  • Why Mobile Matters – Information on the importance of mobile sites and trends.
  • View Your Site – Displays how a site appears on a mobile device, and then generates a customized freely downloadable report on how to improve it.
  • Best Practices – What they are and examples of sites that are using them.
  • Find a Mobile Site Developer – A resource of developers who can help you with a mobile site. Check out Blue Hat’s mobile site development service.

This Google initiative clearly underlines the growing importance of having a well-optimized mobile site from a business perspective. If your business site takes too long to load or doesn’t display properly when a potential client is searching for what you are selling, you lose business and your brand is tarnished in that user’s eyes. Worst of all, that potential customer might visit your competition and never return to your site. Blue Hat’s team of experts understands the vital importance of a proper mobile site and offers a high-quality, personalized mobile web design package.