Video is strong and efficient online marketing tool for any small business. Well-produced and optimized videos can drive traffic to your site, improve your brand, create customer loyalty and increase sales. Search engines love to include video listings in their search results, and people click on videos far more than they do text links. Videos can both inform and compel potential clients more than simple text can.

Having one or two videos about your company is fine, but to really harness the power of this online medium, businesses need to develop video blogs to complement their text-based counterparts. This entails having a relatively regular stream of company videos outlining in-house news, staff profiles and product/service developments.

Vlogging: Where to start?

Starting a vlog (video blog) might seem like a daunting process. Here are some guidelines that can help you get oriented and start creating compelling video content for your business now:

Use Google Hangouts

Vlogs don’t need to be as slick with high production values and graphics as more straightforward commerical or corporate style videos. The audience understands that these videos are more personal and quickly produced. It’s more about their content and the personalisation that they bring to your brand. Google Hangouts are a quick and easy way to record your videos, and its functionality lets you post them directly to YouTube.

Use a Good Webcam and Mic

A top of the line webcam and decent computer microphone are all you need to properly capture your vlog. A bit of backlighting is also helpful. For more information on lighting setup visit

Set Your Vlogging Objectives

Once you’re set up, follow these easy tips to make the most out of your vlog:

  • Make around 4 video blog posts per week
  • Each video should never take longer than 30 minutes to make
  • Answer common questions, discuss something from your point of view, talk about news topics
  • Transcribe the content of the video for SEO value

Vlogging is an affordable and easy way to help gather attention to your brand and build a community of loyal customers. In conjuction with professional business video production, it can deliver concrete results for your small business. The race to video marketing is on. Will your company be able to compete?