If you log onto Etsy in search of a turquoise necklace to purchase, you are going to be presented with hundreds of thousands of results. Chances are you will then do what most users do – skim the first page and refine your search term.

If you are selling turquoise necklaces, it is essential to be found on the first or second page of results, or your potential customers are never even going to see what you have to offer. The key to appearing on the first or second page is to embrace SEO.

What Exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization (abbreviated SEO) is the process of ensuring your pages rank high in search results, such as showing up on the very first page of search results when someone is looking for what you have to offer.

While SEO is a term that is generally saved for sites such as Bing, Yahoo or Google, Etsy has their own internal search engines. This means that you need to determine what people may potentially search for and then use it when searching for a product.

The SEO Holy Grail: Keywords

A keyword is either a phrase or word that you use to describe your product. The keywords need to be present in your product titles and tags in order to ensure what you have to offer is found. The goal for your keyword effort is to select words or phrases that are used as a “search term” by your possible customers. The first step is determine the best keywords for the products you are selling.

Some tips for maximizing your keywords include:

·Be specific
·Consider the order of the words
·Put yourself in the position of the buyers
·Use the suggested keywords offered by Etsy
·Use individual keywords and long tail keywords (these have much less competition but can be highly effective)
·Consider all the possible synonyms

Creating an SEO Friendly Title

SEO for Etsy

Titles on Etsy can be up to 140 characters. While it may be tempting to use every single one, this is not always the best possible option. Etsy suggests that you keep your titles short and highly descriptive. Keep the most important words at the beginning and remember that when items are in your storefront, only the first three to four words will be seen.

When you are creating your description, be sure to use your main keywords multiple times. While you don’t want to stuff it, you need to ensure Etsy knows what you have to offer.

Taking the time to create an SEO strategy for your Etsy page will help increase your visibility and ensure your potential customers find what you have to offer. When it comes down to your success on this platform, it is essential that you take the time to create effective titles, descriptions and tags. When you take your time and ensure that your pages are optimized properly, you will have more views, visitors and sales, which will be beneficial for your entire business.

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