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Having your SEO (search engine optimization) Services managed properly and intelligently will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. BlueHat Marketing’s ® goal is to increase your leads, calls and sales through SEO services done right.



Using cutting-edge technology and tools, we thoroughly assess your business, website, keywords, competition and linkable assets to plan an effective strategy for your campaigns.


We construct a strategy that sets the foundation for your success with best practices and industry standards. We follow through with detailed precision to take your marketing to the next level.


We put all the knowledge, planning and strategy into action. We use the best business intelligence in the industry to make decisions that always put your business ahead of the curve.


With real-time reporting and an easy-to-use interface, we allow you to follow the process every step of the way, keeping you in the loop of the amazing progress our efforts are achieving for you.


Having your SEO Services managed properly and intelligently will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. BlueHat Marketing’s ®
goal is to increase your leads, calls and sales through SEO services done right.

Get More Calls

With state of the art call tracking software, call reporting, and local listings, we guarantee that your phone will ring with new customers.

Get More Sales

The result of net new traffic, calls, and leads is new and increased sales for your business.

Get More Leads

Capture customer information on custom-designed landing pages and use these hot leads to drum up new business.

Get More Traffic

Get relevant and targeted traffic to your website. Optimize for your key demographic and generate invaluable business intelligence.

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  • Panda & Penguin friendly website architectural audit and analysis.

  • In-Depth backlink profile analysis, including penalty analysis and lost important links.

  • Granular keyword analysis, detailed keyword choice to reach “ready-to-buy” audiences looking for your services.

  • Boost your site’s authority by connecting with authority niche sites.

  • Build quality natural backlinks that will survive algorithm changes.

  • Local Maps optimization to dominate Google Maps listings.

  • Boost social signals and generate a buzz around your content on social media.

  • Constant campaign fine tuning, access to our proprietary analytics tools and monthly reports.

  • Conversion rate optimization to increase your leads, calls and sales from existing traffic at each stage of your campaign.

The BlueHat Method

We approach the search engine optimization process in a way that is highly customized and tailored to your needs, from beginning to end. There is no one solution that works for everyone. Knowing what strategies to apply at what times, and how to apply them for every business is crucial. Beyond that, careful data collection is the key to understanding how to improve performance.

Our agile SEO services in action.

SEO Audit and In-Depth
Traffic Analysis

We first engage in a process of
analyzing every aspect of your
business, from your past
campaigns to your target market
and competitors.

On-Page Optimization and Web Development

We then use that data to help
define your goals and
performance targets, shaping an
online marketing campaign
strategy tailored to your


Using powerful proprietary
real-time data collection tools,
our team constantly evaluates
the performance of your
business and uses the feedback
to improve your performance

Fine Tuning
Our Strategies

We might suggest slight
changes in the direction
we take, or combine different
tactics. It’s all in the service of
ensuring you are getting the
most out of your search engine
optimization budget at all times.


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