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We are thought-leaders, innovators, and pioneers who are constantly on the forefront of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, digital marketing campaigns, web design, and social media. We are a leading-edge think tank that attracts the brightest SEO experts in Toronto. Our dedicated SEO consultants and professionals are laser-focused and results-oriented – which means increased search rankings for your company. Our Toronto Internet marketing agency is committed to creating traffic boosting and conversion-increasing digital marketing campaigns, many of which include eBlasts and social media.

BlueHat Marketing is considered a cut above other Toronto SEO services, SEO consultants, and SEO companies. We aim high. Improving and stabilizing your company’s growth is our mission.

  • A team of certified Google professionals.
  • Meeting and exceeding performance requirements set forth by Google. Solid overall growth, revenue and a growing customer base.
  • A higher spend across managed accounts.
  • Ranked #1 SEO Company
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SEO Services

Our SEO experts will work with you to bring more calls to your business, increase sales, brand visibility, and market ranking. Market share is the name of the game and our multi-faceted approach ensures your brand will gain ground more quickly than it could from any other source. Why? Because our eyes are always on the ball… focused on results.

  • Metric-based increased traffic tactics and lead generation
  • SEO campaigns strategically designed to increase quality traffic
  • Intelligent, ethical, white hat SEO Services generated with search engine giant support
  • Detailed performance reports provide accountability – you can follow the results of each activity

PPC Services

PPC Services

Our experienced team includes PPC experts that develop targeted ads to instantly attract more ready-to-buy traffic. Targeted marketing eliminates the “not interested” from the “ready-to-buy” and brings the “I can be persuaded” into the sales funnel.
We provide:

  • Targeted search engine ads and social media ads

  • Increased traffic

  • Keyword research and refinement

  • Methods that reach ready-to-buy customers

Web Design and Development Services

Web Design Services

Our web design professionals are focused on creating brand-awareness and loyalty so they will work hard to understand the nuances of your business and effectively incorporate these details into your site. Your site will be customized to compel user frequency, convert traffic into sales, and support a stable but growing company.
We accomplish this by offering:

  • Fully customized, functional, and professional web design

  • Enhanced user experience

  • SEO optimized, traffic-boosting web structure

  • Proprietary strategic conversion tools

  • Customers who will return

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Services

When your PPC Campaigns capture the emails of interested prospects, you will want to hold their attention by sending out eBlasts, Mood Boards, and promotions. Once they are enveloped into your sales funnel, you can create a loyal community that will continue to visit your website again and again. Our Toronto SEO agency ensures all digital marketing materials go through SEO optimization. You get the best of both worlds – compelling digital marketing coupled with SEO services.

  • Development of “lead magnets” to provide valuable, downloadable, and free information that will establish your company as an influencer and authority.

  • eBlast campaigns that provide product information, promotions, cross-selling,

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Improve search ranking from on-site, front-end SEO techniques

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Services

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or all of the above, we stay ahead of your advertising and social media.
Our team uses personalized social media strategies.
For you, this results in…

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Efficient lead generation

  • Long-term, sustainable business growth

SEO Case Studies


SEO is an industry constantly in flux. What worked a year ago, won’t work today. With more than 15 years in this industry, we have seen our share of major changes. Change is inevitable in the digital marketing world, and what makes us a leading Toronto company is our ability to absorb new trends quickly, adapt our techniques and tactics thereby responding to Google’s evolving algorithm and best practice guidelines.

What used to be just a game of finding the right keywords is now a complex process involving multiple areas of expertise. Without keywords there is no SEO, but simply using those words on your pages won’t be enough anymore. Our goal is to help your business grow, and we do that by increasing your rankings, driving more traffic to your site, providing a great experience for your visitors, and helping convert them into customers. All you’ve got to do is focus on your business!


Having your Toronto SEO Company diligently manage your campaign will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Our sole objective at BlueHat Marketing ® is to increase your leads, calls, and sales through SEO that is second to none.

Get More Calls

Get More Calls

With state-of-the-art call tracking software, call reporting, and local listings, we guarantee that your phone will light up with new customers.

Get More Sales

Get More Sales

Increased traffic, calls, and leads means more sales for your business.

Get More Leads

Get More Leads

Custom-designed landing pages will garner more customer information. Use these hot leads to drum up new business.

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic

Get relevant and targeted traffic to your website. Optimize for your key demographic and generate invaluable business intelligence.

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The progressive digital marketing techniques at BlueHat Marketing are the result of years of search engine marketing in Toronto. We believe in the value of expressing our diverse range of opinions, sharing our experiences with past clients, and consistently developing new strategies. We like to keep our followers up-to-date on the latest industry news, and teach others both the value of SEO and tips on effective implementation.


BlueHat Marketing is a melting pot of professionals, each with a wealth of knowledge and real-world marketing experience to back them up. In the same way that successful digital marketing is a medley of several separate, but intertwined pieces working together in harmony, an effective blog is a creative concoction of topics, opinions, and issues.

With our Toronto SEO services and online marketing blogs, you will be both a key member of the audience and a potential contributor to your own custom SEO campaign. We want to include you in that process. Keeping you informed in our industry and staying abreast of your industry will help us work together in the creative process.

We will mutually create a customized internet marketing campaign that works for you based on: helpful SEO tips, valuable industry statistics, and current Toronto SEO trends and news.

Thanks for being a part of our community. We look forward to your feedback always!

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