Tablet computers are the latest front on the tech war between huge companies like Apple and Samsung. Ever since the iPad first came out and seized the spotlight in this field, other manufacturers have been scrambling to challenge the hold Apple has on the current market.

Enter Acer

The latest contender in the tablet battle is the Iconia W510 tablet PC made by Acer, which runs the Windows 8 operating system. It’s a hybrid tablet, which can be hooked up to a keyboard, and it is offered in four versions –the tablet alone, with 32 or 64 GB of RAM, the tablet with a keyboard dock, and finally a full laptop-like device running Windows 8 Pro.

The price point is the key

The most important feature, however, is its price. It ranges from 499 to 799 USD. The lower price point makes it a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad. Its extended features and powerful processor make it a serious business machine, an area the iPad is perhaps lacking in. It is also versatile enough to be an entertainment center type device.

It is going to be difficult nonetheless for Acer to compete with apple at this price point without significantly undercutting the iPad’s price. If they did that, however, the Iconia would fall into competition with Amazon and Google devices.

A tight race

The stage is getting crowded, and the race is tight. Manufacturers are desperate to gain the slightest edge over each other and are starting to intensify their strangle holds on their individual niches as a result. Some commentators suggest that it is best to compete with non-Apple products for the ‘rest of the market’ share. Apple has proven difficult to dislodge as the leader in the field of tablet and other mobile devices.

The B2B niche

The increased security and versatility of the hybrid tablet PC such as the Iconia could do very well with business customers, especially in the B2B world. These users would most likely already be used to the Windows environment, and would require the extended functionality and adaptability that these PCs afford them.

This heated race just illustrates the importance of staying ahead of the game by ensuring your business website is fully mobile and tablet ready. With the development of affordable options like the Iconia, B2B enterprises should also step into the world of mobile and tablet optimization –it’s not just private consumers browsing on mobile devices out there.

We’re there for you

The vast B2B market is using these devices and they need to find and interact with your business online quickly and easily. That’s why Blue Hat is here to ensure that your business is well represented to those searching for what you are selling on tablets and mobile devices through our professional mobile web design services.