BlueHat Marketing has been consistently ranked as the top Canadian SEO and web design firm by independent industry authorities. This is largely due to the fact that we understand the importance of user experience when it comes to web design and development. Below are some of our guidelines when it comes to designing a site that is both attractive to search engines and users alike.

Good quality graphics help create a good first impression.

When it comes to websites, first impressions are everything. Most people form an immediate opinion when first coming to a site, if nothing more than at the subconscious level. If the site appears to be badly designed by an amateur, a user is going to question the professionalism and credibility of the business or individual and will very likely leave the site and never come back.

Good graphics also make a website much easier to navigate.

The brain processes images quicker than text. Take traffic signs for example – they are designed for quick, initial recognition of motor vehicle warning, laws and conditions. This is because the brain can process a sign exponentially quicker than if the sign were to read “It is illegal to make a U-turn at this intersection.” Web graphics work in the same way – they reduce the frustration of a user who is forced to read when a simple image or graphic will do.

Graphics, along with color schemes, help lead the visitor’s visual trajectory.

Similar to using an image to help a user quickly understand a concept, graphics and colors can be implemented to help guide a user’s eye to where the designer intended. This is useful when a designer has prioritized content that they want a user to focus on when they first visit a website.

Graphic images can also enhance functionality.

Graphic technology can be used in specific cases to improve a user’s experience and cognition. If a user wants to buy a home and they have to choose between reading a detailed description of a home or looking at a 3-D view of the property, chances are they will prefer the latter.

In addition to pleasing your users, focusing on user experience enhances your website’s quality in the eyes of search engines. That translates into higher ranking for sites that provide an easy to use, rich and authoritative resource for the visitor.

If you are looking to build an attractive, stable and user friendly website that converts traffic and focuses on user experience, BlueHat Marketing offers clients a one-stop solution for web design and development, creating websites that are aesthetically pleasing while also conducive to ongoing search engine optimization.