The best SEO companies in Canada do not solely optimize for the sake of establishing high rankings. What distinguishes a good SEO company from a less professional one is whether or not they optimize with the potential customer’s interest in mind. A professional SEO company always puts customer experience as their top priority when implementing SEO strategies.

We have all experienced mediocre web pages that are clearly over optimized in the name of SEO. Those kinds of web pages might temporarily appear higher in search results but this achievement doesn’t last, and doesn’t do much for readers once they click and visit the site. Most likely, the readers will take a few seconds to evaluate the website, find that it is hard to read, doesn’t make sense or is stuffed with keywords and immediately leave to go to the next listed source. You’ve lost a potential customer right there.

In the development of a content marketing strategy, it is much more effective to be purposeful and cater to the full customer experience. Planning content that’s meaningful to the customers allows you to initiate, maintain and enhance customer relationships.

Titles should make it easy for readers to understand the topics of the page quickly, in the first few words. Text used to link from one page to another should give the readers an idea of what they’ll find on the destination page. A consistent approach to titling, labelling, and copy in web page text, image annotations, video descriptions, and links will inspire confidence in your company and generate sales.

Although ethical SEO techniques and responding to algorithm updates are timeless best practices, it makes a lot of sense to write web copy that’s rich, useful and a better reflection of what customers are looking for versus focusing on the most popular keywords alone. That’s what makes an SEO company great.