It’s been talked about in technology news for some time, but it’s official. Google announced in its blog recently that it has been confirmed that the mobile tipping point has been reached: more internet searches are now being carried out every day on mobile devices than on desktop PCs.

This switch to the use of smartphones and mobile devices to access the internet is particularly prevalent in ten of the world’s most influential countries including the USA and Japan. This latest news also confirms a shift in browsing behavior whereby a user may use several devices in their search for a particular product or service.

The popularity of mobile browsing is also due to the increased accessibility of 4G services and handy apps which enable searchers to access useful information on the spot – for example offering discount vouchers when shopping in the mall or enabling immediate price comparisons between competing stores without the need to physically visit each place.

Google’s Mobile Move

Google has been predicting the demise of the desktop computer for some time and their introduction of a new algorithm earlier this year only serves to emphasize their lean towards mobile browsing. Google’s new algorithm favors websites which offer a mobile device-friendly experience to those performing a mobile search. It boosts optimized sites to the top of its rankings and has caused panic among business owners who are keen to maintain their current top spot or raise themselves higher in the rankings.

In order to stay on the first Google search engine page, companies must ensure their website is fully accessible to mobile browsers and offers a fast loading, easy to use interface.

The Mobile User Experience

The ability to carry out web searches while on the move has increased user expectations. Users now demand that their mobile search is speedier than ever and that information is simpler to find. Google is cashing in on this new trend for mobile usage by maximizing their revenue on Google ads, introducing a new style of mobile-friendly advertisement format optimized for users on the go.

Although old habits die hard and many users are still turning to their trusty PCs to access the internet, the trend towards mobile browsing is becoming increasingly prevalent. It is likely that the number of mobile users performing searches will only accelerate over the next months and years and it is only a matter of time before the PC internet search is no more.

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