When it comes to e-commerce, proper SEO is a crucial aspect of a business’ success. As a matter of fact, the difference between success and failure of an online business hinges largely on the avoidance or correction of certain common errors.

One major mistake comes from the mindset of many online business owners. Often times, people that start up a site have the idea that they could just list tons of products on their site and start getting traffic. Many people learn the hard way that this is not accurate in the least bit.

There is a lot of optimizing that needs to be done before people can find your site. Below are 5 common errors that will keep your e-commerce site from succeeding, and need to be fixed immediately.

No Product Description
This is a big one. Every product has to have a product description. Potential customers that click on this product need to know what product that they are looking at before they buy it. They need to know how the product works so that they can decide whether or not they want to make the purchase.

A product description could include the weight, dimensions, color and other traits of the product that you have listed. The more information you have available on the product, the more likely you are going to get a sale.

Using Manufacturer Product Descriptions

Search engines do not like duplicate content. If there is duplicate content on your page, search engines are going to rank the page that the content originates from higher. Many of these manufacturer product descriptions are not composed in a way that compels customers to buy the product anyway.

It is better to create your own product description. Search engines look more favorably on those that take the time provide original content. When search engines see that there is a lot of original content on a site, the website is going to be ranked higher on search results.

No Product Reviews

This plays a large part in a customer’s decision to buy or leave. Product reviews provide better insight as to how the product works. They also provide customers with a good idea of what problems could occur with the product that they are considering.

Since there is no way to try a product that is being viewed, potential customers look to product reviews to get a closer look at the product that they are looking at. Another thing to consider is that search engines look more favorably on review pages than direct selling pages.

Titles That Are Not Unique

This is another big thing for search engines. If you just copy a title from another page, then you are not going to rank highly on search results. It won’t take that long for you to come up with your own title for the product that you are listing. All you have to do is describe the product in a unique fashion with the title of your choice.

No Speaking Urls

This is an interesting concept. Many people probably don’t understand what a speaking URL is. It is basically a URL that contains a keyword for the product that is listed. In other words, the name of the product is displayed in the actual web address instead of the anonymous ID that used to plague so many URLs. This will give the search engines an easier time in ranking the products.

These are just some of the biggest mistakes that e-commerce websites make when it comes to SEO. Generally speaking, SEO for e-commerce sites is quite complex. For professional help with your e-commerce SEO campaign, speak to the experts at BlueHat Marketing.