Google is constantly making minor changes to its search algorithm. After each algorithm is launched, we receive a flood of inquiries from worried site owners and agencies who are afraid that the update will cause their traffic to plummet overnight. The latest update to cause a wave of panic was the Penguin algorithm update launched by Google on October 18, 2014.

Here are few of the changes that the launch of this upgrade targeted:

· Had a major effect on rankings and organic website traffic for companies that were using Black Hat SEO techniques on their websites.
· Targeted bad habits such as overuse of anchor text and questionable linking practices.
· Took a tough stance with sub-par promotional activities.
· Penalized websites based on the quality of their written content.

Here are some tips to help your website survive the update:

Remove low quality links. Low quality links consist of links coming from non-reputable sites and forums, links from sites spammed with malware, paid links using exact match anchor text, etc.

Clean out your out-bound links. Make sure your website is not linking to any other sites that Google considers to be spam.

Create highly engaging content. Creating and sharing quality content is a great way to earn industry respect and quality links. Make sure the content is engaging, original, and well-written to ensure the best possible results.

Make sure you’re listed in quality directories.

Create and use your Google Plus page. Share quality content on your Google Plus business page. Encourage clients to write a review of your business.

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