Are you neglecting your Google Plus profile? That may not be a good idea. Google Plus is currently the second-largest social network globally, according to the Global Web Index. It is growing faster than Facebook and has more users globally than LinkedIn and Instagram combined. Despite these seemingly impressive statistics it turns out that only a small percentage of Google + users are active.

BlueHat Marketing decided to further investigate, so we checked out the profiles of marketing influencers and social experts. We were shocked to find that the statistics were in fact true! Most of the profiles we looked up showed less activity on Google Plus than they did on the other social media platforms. We thought to ourselves, if the social media experts are shunning google plus, does that mean there is no hope for this social media platform?

Wrong! Google plus holds a lot of potential that most people and businesses have not learned how to tap into yet. According to B&T Magazine in their article on reasons to take a second look at Google+, the platform is predicted to grow and become the main social media platform it the next few years.

Some brands have already learned how to put their Google Plus pages in to use. Check out successful companies such as Cadbury (warning: this page is bound to make you hungry), Ferrari and H&M. These brands are constantly updating their page and their community populates and creates their content.



Here are some of the benefits of Google Plus:

  • You will also find that there is a certain type of creative content that is found on Google Plus that you will not find elsewhere.
  • Google plus is not Facebook. You can customize your experience, and have much more choice about the content you want to read and share in the news feed without having an algorithm do it on your behalf.
  • Circles on Google Plus are a key feature that allows you to choose the right audience for any content you share.
  • Google communities – allow people that have similar interests to come together and have fruitful conversations. Brands that want to listen to people’s opinions can monitor community conversations to gain better insight on the needs and thoughts of their target audience.

So clean out the cobwebs from your Google Plus page and start posting and interacting, engage with other people and in your industry and create circles of influence. It’s a growing social network that you ignore at your own risk. And don’t hesitate to get help. You can get the most out of a social media campaign with an experienced partner at your side.